Miguel Ángel Navarro is sworn in as Governor of Nayarit

 Dr. Miguel Angel Navarro Quintero was sworn in as governor of Nayarit for the period 2021-2027, in the Amado Nervo precinct in the city of Tepic, accompanied by the 33rd State Legislature, which temporarily changed its venue for the solemn session on this occasion. Present at the ceremony was the outgoing governor, Antonio Echevarría, whom Miguel Ángel thanked for having carried out a “peaceful transition” of powers.

 The Secretary of Agriculture and Federal Agricultural Development, Víctor Manuel Villalobos, was also present and spoke. He recognized Nayarit’s potential as an agricultural producer and asked the new state executive to develop it during his administration. Among the governors who attended the swearing-in ceremony were Omar Fayad of Hidalgo, Lorena Cuellar of Tlaxcala, Carlos Manuel Merino of Tabasco, Rubén Rocha Moya of Sinaloa (elected), Alfredo Ramírez of Michoacán (elected) and Indira Vizcaína of Colima (elected). As well as the president of Morena Mario Delgado and the coordinator of Morena in the Senate Ricardo Monreal. In addition to the mayor of Bahía de Banderas Mirtha Villalvazo and of Tepic, Geraldine Ponce. Among other guests were federal and state officials.

In his message, the governor of Nayarit highlighted the potential of his state as a fishing power and asked for help from his counterpart in Sinaloa to expand the Nayarit fishing fleet. He also revealed that he plans to create a new model for the country in Nayarit regarding the health system by supporting public doctors and hospitals, where from now on all his government officials will be attended to, without the need for private insurance. In addition, he raised the need to put an end to corruption in the state and pay off the 2 billion pesos debt owed by the Universidad Autónoma de Nayarit (Autonomous University of Nayarit).

 He also asked the state powers to establish a cap on salaries in the treasury equivalent to the governor’s pay and the unions to put an end to labor recommendations in the public sector. He emphasized Nayarit’s agricultural potential and reaffirmed his support to the countryside, asked the Mexican Government for more budget to be executed during his administration and promised that he will exercise it responsibly. Under his slogan “Nayarit rises” he emphasized that so far the state has been invisible at the federal level, but he promised that this will change during his administration. The governor of Nayarit ended his inauguration without speaking about the tourism industry that flourishes in the Riviera Nayarit, nor did he touch on the subject of security or pending works such as the Via Corta highway or the widening of federal highway 200.